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Business Headshots

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A corporate headshot is more than just a photo and the good news is...... 

it doesn't have to be like a passport photo! 

It should reflect the identity that you've created for yourself, your business and your brand. 

LinkedIn Photos HampshireLinkedIn PhotosAcross Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire

It needs to say all the things you want it to say about you — friendly, professional, approachable and trustworthy.

Business Portraits

It's a fact that ‘People buy people’ - We all prefer to deal with people that we can relate to. 

professional headshots Surrey professional head shots Surrey










It makes sense to have a business portrait that will let your personality shine through.

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Business portraits or headshots can be used in numerous ways: on your website; Facebook page; LinkedIn..

Company website images

Twitter; business cards; blogs; annual reports; presentations and newsletters.... the list goes on. 

A selfie from a night out just doesn't cut it on LinkedIn

Selfie on a night outnot the professional image I want

(yes it's me the camera shy photographer, on a night out)


"Professional selfie shots" are hard; without the interaction and direction of someone behind the camera




Business portraits don't have to be boring!

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Here are some tips & ideas on how to get the best head shot for you, but remember there are no hard and fast rules


What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look and feel great.

CEO Portfolio Head ShotsCEO HeadshotsMedia Portfolio Headshots

Ideally, you should wear something that you would wear when you are meeting clients

Headshots for self employed

It doesn't have to be a suit and tie, what you wear should reflect you and your business style. 

Corporate headshots Surrey Corporate headshotsReading, Farnborough, Staines, Basingstoke and beyond

You are representing your brand values, you are the face of the business

Business Portraits for small businesses

Choose something that falls well and flatters your neckline.

Business Portraits for Twitter If you choose to wear a suit make sure your jacket and shirt fit you well 

(too big or too small will show in the photos) Professional Business Portraits Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire Professional Business Portraits

Clothes should always be neatly pressed. You could even treat yourself to something new!

Long sleeved shirts/blouses are best, even for the head and shoulders shots.

Headshots in Hampshire

What colours photograph best?

Solid colours can work really well and most people look good in mid-tones (green, blue and brown) 

White can "wash you out" and black can look like a solid mass (rather than slimming you down).

Wear colours that emphasise your eyes! 

CEO Head Shots SurreyCEO Headshots Surrey

Blue/green/turquoise shirts/blouses or accents can help emphasise blue/green/hazel eyes

If you usually wear glasses, wear them in the shots.

Business Portraits Surrey and Berkshire

Business Portraits Surrey and Berkshire



If you switch between contacts and glasses have both styles taken.




By keeping things simple with a plain background, it ensures that the focus is on you.

Social Media Photos

The primary focus for a professional business headshot should be the face; specifically the eyes, as they are the windows to your soul.

Head shots for social media

Tight crops or unusual angle can make your shot stand out from the crowd.

Media Head Shots Media headshots

Do you photoshop the images?

Yes, I use photoshop. Digital files on professional cameras have an amazing amount of detail!!

 I use editing techniques to even out skin tone, remove spots, brighten eyes and occasionally reduce the appearance of wrinkles and laughter lines, (although these are part of your character, they make you - YOU) so I don't remove them completely.

When should I update my photos?

If you have a drastic change of hairstyle or weight-loss or you have started wearing glasses

If you have a team of employees with images on your website, then obviously you need to update them as and when people leave or join the team.

If the clothing you are wearing in your shot looks dated.  

If you would like to discuss your shoot further or if you want to book me for a shoot

contact me on 07970 818931 or email:  email@leetuckett.co.uk

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