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Photographers Fun - The 5 Pint Challenge

July 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

Social media is can bring about some strange events; A little over a week ago a "friend" (and fellow photographer) on Facebook posted about The 5 Pint Challenge with the following statement: "....anyone one is welcome to join us" -  That was enough for me, even though I had never actually met this friend, I have enjoyed Dave "The Weather Gods" comments, his wedding photography and humour; so I signed up for the challenge. 

The challenge was open to all, the only requirement was a camera and the willingness to enjoy a pint with fellow photographers from all walks of life.

The rules were simple:

a) Meet in the agreed pub at the agreed time. 

b) Pull a photography theme from the bag (26 random themes were submitted in advance)

c) Determine your kit - lens, focal length and aperture in advance. These setting MUST be used on all the themes throughout the day

My kit selection was: Nikon D700, 50mm lens, F2.8

d) Take images within the agreed 45min time frame and get to the next pub to pull out the next theme & repeat accordingly.

e) Select process and submit your best shot per theme. 


Pint 1, Theme 1 - Faith

Commercial photographer farnboroughFaithFollowing the less obvious route

Pint 2, Theme 2 - Construction

Corporate photographer Fleet HampshireConstructionScaffolding Structure As we walked into pub number 3 the weather was overcast, as the pints disappeared the sun appeared as did the shadows. (This was obviously down to Dave's self proclaimed "Weather God" status)

Pint 3, Theme 3 - Shadows

Business Photographer BracknellShadowsBike Shadows

Pint 4, Theme 4 - Music

Event Photographer FarnboroughMusicStreet Photography

Pint 5, Theme 5 - Textures 

Corporate event photography TexturesGlass wall

When making the final selection I was conscious that I didn't want to have very similar shots to the other 8 photographers, although in reality this is fairly unlikely as we all see things differently and have different interpretation of the theme. 

Here are some of my other shots taken, did I select wisely?  I would love to know your thoughts
Corporate event photography Fleet Hampshire Alternative faith With a subtle hint of irony the bottle was found in the church grounds

Corporate event photography Reading Berkshire

Corporate event photography GuildfordAlternative Construction

Corporate event photography Farnborough Hampshire Construction Photography for businesses Fleet Alternative Construction Photography for businesses FarnboroughAlternative Construction

Photography for businesses BracknellAlternative Construction Photography for businesses ReadingAlternative Construction

Photography for businesses GuildfordShadows Photography for businesses FarnhamShadowsAngel wings

Photography for businesses FarnboroughAlternative Shadows

As I repositioned for my final shadows shot to sun disappeared. Dave "Weather God" had obviously finished his shots for this theme.
Event Photography HampshireMusicStreet performers
Event Photography HampshireMusic Event Photography HampshireMusic
Event Photography Surrey MusicThe old Joanna Located in a pub garden.
Event Photography Surrey Music"A Jam......" My misinterpreted Joshua Johnson quote
Event Photography Surrey MusicOld school
The turntable was found in the Outlaws Yatch Club which was the penultimate pub on our route, I still don't know why it's called the Yatch Club as it's nowhere near any water!
Event Photography Surrey TexturesFlaking door paint Event Photography BerkshireTexturesDoor pillar and shutter door Event Photography BerkshireTexturesFlaking paint
Event Photography BerkshireTexturesPedestrian Crossing Event Photography BerkshireTexturesCobble stones Event Photography BerkshireTexturesCobble Street Event Photography AscotTexures

It seems that the saying "Friends are just strangers you haven't met yet" is very true.

My thanks to Dave "The Weather God" as he was responsible for The 5 Pint Challenge, I now consider him a real friend (rather than a virtual one).

Thank you also to Lee, Mark, Sean, Shane, Graham, Ricky and Darren for welcoming me to their social gathering.

Fancy seeing it from Dave's perspective? http://www.davidgoodierphotography.co.uk/5-pint-beer-challenge/





Dave "Weather God"(non-registered)
Lovely to meet you and go from 'Friend' to Friend too x
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