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I have recently returned from a holiday with the girls, we spent a lot of time talking, one topic of conversation related to "being a prude" 

We all have varying levels of comfort and confidence and prudishness. Some ladies are happy to go topless on the beach, others will walk around the gym changing rooms naked without a care in the world, some will remain fully covered at all times.

You may look at boudoir images and say "NEVER - not for me" If this is you, please read on....

Implied Nude PortraitsImplied Nude Portraits

There are boudoir levels for everyone, there are some that you will feel comfortable with.

The implied nude (strapless bra or towel in place) with your modesty preserved.

Boudoir photography - celebrating womenBoudoir photography - celebrating women You can shoot in your PJ's  Boudoir Photography Ascot, WindsorBoudoir Photography Ascot, Windsor Or your partners shirt....still sexy!

You may be wondering why anyone would want those type of images. My clients have a number of reasons...

Bridal Boudoir GiftsBridal Boudoir Gifts A wedding gift for the future husband - why not show off your wedding lingerie.

Subtle and sexy boudoir photographySubtle and sexy boudoir photography

Boudoir Photography Thames ValleyBoudoir Photography throughout the Thames Valley An anniversary gift.

Boudoir photography Surrey - celebrating you!Boudoir photography Surrey Celebrating a milestone (weightloss and/or birthday) 

Personal portraits for women in BerkshireBoudoir photography Berkshire I am always grateful when clients allow me to share their images, I want to demonstrate that a boudoir shoot is for every woman, no matter what shape or age. 

Empowering women - boudoir photography Empowering women - boudoir photography My boudoir shoots are confidential, personal and bespoke.

Some clients find themselves celebrating their new independent status, what better way to rebuild confidence than to realise "you've still got it"? 

Sexy boudoir photography HampshireSexy boudoir photography Hampshire A glimpse to show off your assets. You can remain anonymous create great images and have all the benefits of experiencing the shoot.

Boudoir art - LondonBoudoir art - London Remember that feeling when you go out in a new outfit, or a new hair cut?  You carry yourself with a bit more confidence, you've got your swagger back; that's the time when you get a bit more attention, friends compliment you on hair, clothes etc.

That feeling of confidence is exactly what a boudoir shoot can do for YOU.

Boudoir by Lee TuckettBoudoir by Lee Tuckett Photography

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