A year in the life of......Review of 2014

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Oh it's all glamorous locations for me! sat on the floor in a bit of waste land is not unusual.  Manicures and facials aren't high on my list of priorities. 

Behind the scenes on location shootbehind the scenes

2014 started with a portfolio building day with my dear friend Anthony Finney, (it's just a good excuse to shoot and catch up really) this is the result. a moody shot outside the old mill.  

Models portfolios

We moved indoors and Chris our model removed some clothes (Bless him it was brass monkeys).....The things these models do!

boudoir photography for men

Corporate head shots and profile images have increased in demand this year, a professional business portrait says a lot about you and your brand.  

Business Portraits Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire Business Portraits

From the plain and simple, classic white background to the environmental workplace shots. The beauty of working on location enables variety, a simple studio can be set up in minimal space.

environmental business portraits Environmental workplace portraits

I have covered numerous corporate events, from the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC, The British Dentist Conference in Manchester and many annual conferences and training events.  Each have their own challenges and rewards, capturing the essence of the event, telling the story for the client.

Business conferences and events Business Conferences

Fascinating locations have been provided for me: Whilst shooting some corporate head shots for a lovely new client, this is a behind the scenes shot of my on location "studio"

location photography Fantastic locations

An aircraft hangar - how cool is that - It's a thing of beauty isn't it?  The polished floors and the skylights frame it perfectly.

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to clients, Katy Hurt is a talented young country singer, this was one from the first shoot together I believe this made it to album cover status.

Country Singer - PR and Album cover photographstalented young artists

Goodwood Festival of speed is a firm favourite as a corporate event 

The days are long, the traffic is a nightmare and finding accommodation close by is like finding a needle in a haystack. This year I took up residence in a caravan park on Selsey Island...Perfect in so many ways except for the lack of decent shower facilities.....I didn't go without but the suntan lotion seems to attract the dust and a jet wash is a more appropriate requirement!

Corporate event photography - Goodwood Festival of Speed corporate events

However Goodwood always provides a wide array of photo opportunities: from fast cars, bikes to people watching, seriously what is not to love?  

On occasion the people watching pays off.....

Candid captures  - Charlie Boorancandid captures

A lovely capture of Charlie Boorman mid interview...being in the right place at the right time with a smidge of patience and the odd prayer pays off. 

The Red Arrows over Goodwood - Corporate event photosRed Arrows Flyby

Of course then there is the show stopping arrival of the red arrows just can't be missed....Well I say that but actually this shot for the client is easily missed. The Red Arrows arrive on the scene exactly when they are expected on the timetable, there is no announcement, no fan fair or count down, they appear from nowhere. Arriving with a flyby over Goodwood house the rest of the display is over the cricket pitch, offering the best viewing opportunity to the crowds. Over the four days the Red Arrows only make appearance twice, so being at the right place at the right time is crucial.

Rally stage - motorsport photography  Goodwood Festival of Speed

Ok so there is was lot of stuff going on in 2014....to read part two come back next week! 




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